GEB-10 Technical Literature

Granulated Dark Brazilian Type 10 (SMR-20)

ASK TRADING GEB-1 (Dark Granular Brazilian Type-1), 100% composed of Natural Rubber coming from latex clots of rigorously controlled origin.

Our product is presented in the form of bales of 25kg and wrapped in plastic film with a thickness of 30 to 40 μm and a melting point of less than 95 ° C and fully meets the requirements of ISO 2000: 2003 and the international standard TSR10. The process is controlled through C.E.P having the highest quality standard required by the customer.

Properties TSR10 Method
Dirt removed at 45% (by mass), max. 0,10 ISO 249
Ashes% (by mass), max. 0,50 ISO 247
Nitrogen,% (by mass), max. 0,60 ISO 1656
Volatile Materials,% (by mass), max. 0,40 ISO 248:1991 (greenhouse method 100°C - 5°C)
Initial Plasticity (P), min. 32-38 ISO 2007
Plasticity Retention Index (PRI), min. 50 ISO 2930
Mooney Viscosity, ML (1 + 4) at 100 ° C According to customer specification ISO 283-1

Quality Policy

Product of quality, seeking satisfaction of customers, continuous improvement and meeting applicable requirements.